Our Services: In-Office Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are mainly used to protect your teeth and can be used for multiple reasons.  Reasons to need a mouth guard include: Athletically, grinding of the teeth at night and TMJ (Temporomandibular disorders). Typically, you will come in the office and have an impression taken of your teeth (mostly just the upper arch).  A color of the mouth guard can be chosen, of your choice.  Two days later, you will come back to the office to make sure it fits perfectly.

Custom-made mouth guards are made out of special material and extra time and work are involved in making them, so they tend to be more expensive then other types out there.  However, it provides the most comfort and protection.

Most insurance companies do not pay for a custom-made mouth guard but we would be glad to do a predetermination for you to find out if your insuance company will pick up any of the cost